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Site configuration and section mapping

User Guide: Modifying Site Configuration in AdvRed

When you click on the ⚙️ Modify Configuration icon in AdvRed, you’re taken to a page where you can edit various settings for your site. This section is essential for managing how your website integrates with AdvRed’s advertising system.

Section Segments for Targeting

Within the ‘Edit Site’ page, you’ll find an area called ‘Section Segments’. This is where you can define specific areas of your site for targeted advertising and scripts. These segments are crucial for targeting ad units and scripts to particular articles, sections, or individual articles within specific sections.

Defining Section Types

Here’s how you can utilize section types for precise targeting:

  1. Existing Section Segments: You will see predefined segments such as ‘homepage’ or ‘others’. These are auto-detected by AdvRed or previously set up by you for broad categorization.
  2. Add Custom Section Segments: If you need to target ads or scripts to a custom section of your site, you can add new segments manually. Click on ‘Add other Section Segment’ and input the name of the segment you wish to target, like ‘articles’ or a specific category.

Using Custom Section Types with Client Code

For more granular control, you can insert custom section types directly into the client’s site code:


Replace “CUSTOM_SECTION_TYPE” with the specific name of the section you want to map. For example, if you’re targeting the ‘Sports’ section of a news site, your code would look like this:


Mapping Custom Sections with url and path

After defining your custom section type in the client’s code, remember to add the same content back in the ‘Edit Site’ section of AdvRed. Insert the name you’ve chosen for your custom section into the ‘Section Segment’ field without including any URL chunks. This will ensure that AdvRed maps and recognizes the custom section for targeted advertising.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to set up your site’s configuration for effective advertising targeting, ensuring that the right ads are displayed in the right sections of your site.


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