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User Guide: Exploring the ‘Sites’ Section on AdvRed

User Guide: Exploring the ‘Sites’ Section on AdvRed

In the ‘Sites’ section of your AdvRed dashboard, you will find a suite of tools designed to manage and analyze your websites. Here’s an overview of each option available to you:

Sites List

  • + Add: Here, you can add new sites that you wish to manage or advertise on. You will be able to input the site’s details and configure settings specific to each site.

Performance Insight

  • This tool provides analytics and performance metrics of your sites. You’ll get a deep dive into how your sites are performing in terms of advertising reach, engagement, and revenue.

Traffic Insight

  • Gain valuable insights into your site’s traffic. This feature analyzes visitor data, helping you understand audience behavior and traffic patterns.

Config File

  • The Config File option is where you can access and edit the configuration settings for each site you manage. It’s a crucial tool for the technical management of your site’s advertising operations.

Passback Map File

  • Manage your passback strategy with the Passback Map File. This is where you can set up and adjust passback configurations, which are essential for optimizing ad fill rates and revenue.

Deployments Rollback

  • If any deployment doesn’t go as planned, this feature allows you to rollback to a previous version, ensuring stability and continuity of your site’s performance.

Quick Deploy

  • When you need to make quick updates or changes to your sites, Quick Deploy enables you to push changes live rapidly.

Each of these options in the ‘Sites’ section will be explained in detail further on in the documentation. These explanations will guide you through using each feature to manage your sites effectively, ensuring you can optimize and refine your advertising strategy.


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