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Quick deploy for emergencies

Guide to Quick Deploy Functionality

The Quick Deploy feature on the adv.red platform is designed to expedite the deployment process, allowing users to quickly push out scripts, especially in emergency situations where immediate action is required.

Function of Quick Deploy Quick Deploy is used when an urgent modification needs to be made to a script that is critical for the website’s ad delivery. This could be due to a sudden bug, a necessary immediate update, or an unplanned but essential change.

How to Use Quick Deploy To utilize the Quick Deploy feature:

  1. Enter the Site Details: Input the specific site where the script needs to be deployed. This field ensures that the correct script is associated with the right site, especially when managing multiple sites.
  2. Paste the Script Source: In the ‘Script source’ box, paste the source code of the script that needs to be deployed. Ensure the script is tested and ready for deployment to avoid any errors that could affect the site.
  3. Deploy: With the script source correctly inputted, the user can deploy the script immediately to the specified site. The platform will handle the rest, ensuring that the script is implemented quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Quick Deploy

  • Speed: As the name suggests, Quick Deploy is the fastest way to update a script on the platform.
  • Emergency Use: It’s particularly useful in emergency situations where time is of the essence.
  • Remote Modification: Changes can be made remotely, which is crucial if immediate physical access to the server or the standard deployment process is not possible.

Best Practices

  • Use Quick Deploy only when necessary to avoid disrupting stable environments.
  • Always ensure the script is error-free before deployment to prevent any site issues.
  • Keep a log of changes made through Quick Deploy for accountability and tracking.

Quick Deploy is an essential feature for any ad platform, ensuring that users can react swiftly to any critical updates or fixes that need to be made, maintaining the integrity and performance of the ad delivery system.

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