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Rollback deployments

Guide to Deployment Rollback Functionality

The Deployment Rollback functionality on the adv.red platform is a safety net for users that allows reverting to a previous state of deployed configurations. This feature is critical when a recent deployment causes issues or does not meet the expected results.

Understanding Deployment Rollback Rollback in software deployment is the process of returning to a previous version of the configuration or code that was functioning correctly. It is an essential part of the deployment process because it provides a quick way to undo changes that caused undesired behavior in the live environment.

How to Use Deployment Rollback On the “Deployments Rollback” page, users are presented with a history of their deployments, including details such as:

  • Deploy Date: The exact time and date when a particular deployment was made.
  • Site: The site to which the deployment was made.
  • User: Who made the deployment.
  • File: The specific configuration file that was deployed.
  • Re-Deploy: An option to re-deploy a previous configuration.

To perform a rollback:

  1. Identify the Desired Deployment: Look through the deployment history and identify the version you wish to revert to. This is typically the last known good configuration before the issue started.
  2. Re-Deploy: Click on the re-deploy button (represented by a red world icon) associated with the deployment you want to revert to. This will initiate the process to roll back the current state to the selected deployment.

Benefits of Rollback The rollback functionality ensures that if any deployment introduces errors or negatively impacts the site, it can be quickly undone, minimizing the risk of extended downtime or a poor user experience.

Best Practices

  • Always test new deployments in a staging environment before going live.
  • Make incremental changes rather than large-scale deployments where possible.
  • Keep a clear record of changes and deployments for easy reference.

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