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Passback Unit

Guide to Passback Functionality

The passback functionality in the adv.red platform is designed for situations where an ad slot doesn’t receive a bid that meets the minimum criteria set by the publisher. In such cases, the ’empty slot’ can be passed back to another ad unit to try to fill it with a different ad.

Selecting a Mapped Ad Unit On the right-hand side of the interface, users can select a previously mapped ad unit. This selection process is intuitive and is designed to work with the platform’s drag-and-drop capabilities or through simple point-and-click navigation.

Adding a New Ad Unit for Passback In the event that the initially selected ad unit returns an ’empty slot’, users have the option to add a new ad unit. This ensures that the opportunity to display an ad and potentially generate revenue is not lost.

Inheriting Configuration from the First Level The new ad unit will inherit the size and div configurations from the original ad unit. This feature saves time and ensures consistency across ad units.

Modifying GAM ID and Second-Level Bidders While some configurations are inherited, users can modify the GAM ID (Google Ad Manager ID) for the second-level ad server that corresponds to each ad unit. This means that the ad unit can call a different ad server if the primary one fails to fill the slot. Additionally, users can configure which bidders will participate in the second-level auction, along with their respective parameters.

Remote Configuration via Bulk Download and Upload For efficiency and ease of management, adv.red allows users to perform these configurations remotely through bulk download and upload of settings. This means that users can manage passback settings for multiple ad units at once, which is particularly useful for large-scale operations.

This remote configuration capability will be detailed further in the guide, providing users with step-by-step instructions on how to perform bulk updates to passback configurations effectively.


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