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AdRefresh Management

User Guide: AdRefresh Management in AdvRed

AdRefresh Management is a feature in AdvRed that allows you to increase the number of ad impressions by refreshing ad slots either when they remain in view or after a set amount of time. Here’s how to configure AdRefresh settings:

On-view Only Refresh

  • True: When set to ‘true’, the ad slots will only refresh if they are in view of the user. This can be beneficial for user experience and ad performance, as ads are only refreshed when they have the potential to be seen.
  • False: When set to ‘false’, ad slots will refresh after the set timeout period, regardless of whether they are in view or not.

Refresh Level

  • Default: The ‘Default’ level typically means that upon refresh, the complete cycle of ad units will be re-executed. This includes attempting to fill the slot with the primary demand, and if that doesn’t fill, moving on to passback ad units.
  • Passback Only: Selecting ‘Passback Only’ will cause only the passback ad units to load upon refresh, skipping the primary demand sources. This option can be used when you want to give priority to certain demand sources during the refresh.

Refresh Time

  • Set a timeout for how often the ad slots should refresh. A commonly recommended timeout is around 40 seconds, but this can be adjusted based on user experience and performance data.

Best Practices

  • Refreshing ads can increase ad revenue, but it’s important to balance this with a good user experience. Too frequent refreshes can annoy users and may lead to lower engagement.
  • The AdRefresh works with ad slots managed by AdManager, not with scripts or tags directly. This ensures that the refresh process is integrated with your ad server’s operations and does not affect other scripts or functionality on your site.

By configuring AdRefresh settings in AdvRed, you can optimize the number of impressions per user session while maintaining a positive user experience and adhering to ad performance best practices.


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