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Header Bidding Amazon

User Guide: Amazon APS Integration in AdvRed

The Amazon Publisher Services (APS) integration in AdvRed allows publishers to include Amazon in parallel auctions with Prebid. Amazon competes for impressions alongside other SSPs, enhancing competition and potentially increasing ad revenue. Here’s how to configure APS integration:

Amazon APS Setup

  • Script URL: Replace ‘None’ with the standard Amazon script URL provided by Amazon Publisher Services.
  • Amazon ID: Enter your unique Amazon ID to activate the APS service.

Benefits of Amazon APS Integration

  • Increased Competition: By adding Amazon to the auction, publishers can increase competition for their ad inventory, potentially leading to higher CPMs and increased ad revenue.
  • Parallel Auction: APS participates in parallel auctions alongside Prebid and other SSPs, ensuring fair competition and maximizing the value of each impression.


  • Optional Feature: APS integration is not mandatory but is offered as a service to AdvRed publishers. It provides an additional revenue opportunity and can enhance overall ad monetization strategies.

By enabling Amazon APS integration in AdvRed, publishers can leverage the power of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem to maximize their ad revenue potential.


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