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Massive upload and download for Ad units and passbacks

Guide to Bulk Download and Upload Functionality

The adv.red platform provides a robust functionality for managing ad unit configurations through bulk download and upload, allowing for efficient and mass updates. The process involves two main features: downloading the existing configuration and uploading the modified settings in bulk.

Downloading Configuration Files The download config button, represented by the gear icon next to each site listed on the platform, allows users to download the current configuration of ad units. This downloaded file can be opened and edited in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Users can make extensive changes to the configurations offline, which is especially useful for making bulk changes to multiple ad units at once.

Editing Parameters in Spreadsheet Once the configuration file is downloaded, users can modify various parameters such as bidder settings, Amazon parameters, ad unit code, div IDs, and lazy loading options. This streamlined process permits a comprehensive approach to adjust multiple ad unit configurations without the need to edit each one individually within the platform.

Massive Upload of Configurations After modifications, the platform’s massive upload feature under the ‘Sites’ menu section allows users to upload the entire modified configuration file at once. This feature is designed to save time and reduce the possibility of errors that might occur when making individual changes through the web interface.

Passback Ad Slot Configuration Similar functionality is available for configuring ad slots for passback. The dedicated blue icons within the platform enable users to download and upload configurations for passback ad slots in bulk. This ensures that users can efficiently manage fallback options for their ad inventory, improving the chances of filling every ad slot and maximizing revenue.

Deploying Changes After uploading the modified configurations, it is important to deploy these changes. As mentioned earlier, adv.red simplifies the deployment process. Once the configurations are uploaded, users should use the staging and production deployment features to make their changes live, starting with staging to test and verify before moving to production.

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