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Header Bidding Prebid

User Guide: Setting Up Header Bidding with Prebid in AdvRed

Header bidding through Prebid is a sophisticated programmatic advertising technique that allows publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers. It’s not mandatory to use this feature, but if you choose to implement it, completing all the fields is recommended for optimal performance.

Configuring Prebid Settings

Here’s what each section and option means for your Prebid setup:

  • Prebid Source Script Url: This is where you enter the URL for the Prebid.js library that you’re using. Prebid.js is the header bidding “container” or “wrapper” that manages the bidding process.
  • Prebid Object Name: If you’re using a custom Prebid object, specify it here. Otherwise, the default object is used.
  • Prebid Object Type: Choose the type of Prebid object you’re implementing based on your setup’s requirements.
  • Price Granularity: This defines the precision of your bid responses. More granularity can provide more accurate bidding, but it requires more processing.
  • S-Chain Object: SupplyChain object fields, such as ‘Schain Property Domain’ and ‘Seller id (sid)’, are used for passing supply chain information to buyers.
  • Prebid Timeout: Set how long the browser should wait for bidders to respond before the ad server is called.
  • Failsafe Timeout: This is a backup timeout setting to ensure that the auction ends if the initial timeout fails.

Selecting Bidders

  • Bidders: In the bidder selection dropdown, you can add all Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) that AdvRed has worked with and mapped. If you want to add and map new bidders, you can contact [email protected] for assistance.

Bid Adjustment Manager

  • Bidder: Here, you can adjust the bids based on the revenue share agreement you have with each specific SSP.
  • Parameter/Value: Input the SSP name and the percentage of revenue share to adjust the bids. It’s crucial to fill this out so that bids sent to the ad server are net of any revenue share, ensuring fair competition. Although this field is optional, it’s a valuable tool that AdvRed offers to its clients.

By carefully setting up each field in the Prebid configuration, you can optimize your header bidding strategy, potentially increasing your ad revenue by having multiple SSPs bid on your inventory in real time.


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