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Edit Bidder Map

Guide to “Edit Bidder Map” Function

The “Edit Bidder Map” feature on the adv.red platform is a tool that allows users to configure and optimize the bids from various bidders at the individual ad unit level. It’s crucial to note that this function is only accessible if Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) have been pre-configured in the Header Bidding Prebid section.

Setting Parameters for Each Ad Unit Users have the ability to input specific parameters for each bidder associated with an ad unit. These parameters are essential for the bidders to participate in the auction and may include details such as ‘siteId’, ‘placementId’, ‘pageId’, ‘formatId’, and ‘networkId’. Each of these parameters plays a role in defining the bidding strategy and how the SSP will handle the bid.

Drag and Drop Functionality A key feature within the “Edit Bidder Map” is the drag and drop functionality. This allows users to manually set the order of the bidders by dragging them into the desired sequence. The order is significant as it dictates the priority of the bidders during the auction process. The higher up the list a bidder is, the higher its priority in the auction.

The screenshot provided shows the interface where users can drag and drop the bidders into order. It also indicates where users can enter the read-only parameters for each bidder. Note the icons to the left of ‘Ad Unit’ and ‘Bidder’ which are likely used to reorder the bidders through the drag and drop process.

By strategically ordering bidders and setting the correct parameters, users can effectively manage which bidders get priority and how they compete against each other, aiming to maximize revenue from ad placements.


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